Saturday, July 16


Was I not good enough for you?
Did I say something to make you go?
Why were there no signs of it?
You never let it show.

You make me wonder,
I wonder everyday
is there something I could have done?
or something I should say?

Was I not pretty enough?
or is it that I'm not too smart?
I thought my love would be enough for you,
I gave you my whole heart

I thought you would never hurt me
I thought you'd never put me through pain
I thought I'd never lose you
and if I did I'd go insane

You were my first love
but you didn't feel the same way back
I thought things were going great
but we couldn't keep them in tact

It hurts that I lost my love
but I lost way more than you can imagine
I lost something that hurts way more
I lost my best friend

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