Monday, August 16

you have my heart

sometimes you drive me crazy
and i have no words to describe how i feel
maybe thats how its supposed to be
and maybe thats what makes this real

i know we don't always get along
but we do a good job to try
just know i'll always forgive
and be there for you when you cry

i'll be there for you
through thick and thin
through all the bad and all the good
i'll forgive your every sin

i know you're a good person
and you have a good heart
even if others don't see it
i've seen it from the start

nothing could change my mind
about the way i feel about you
you love me for me
and cheer me up when i'm blue

you're my only concern
and my main priority
when i see a smile on your face
thats what makes me happy

i love you
and i hope its something you know
you mean the world to me
and i never want to forget to let it show


i hate what you do
everything you stand for
the things you say
and i always find myself wanting more

you drive me crazy
but yet i can't be with out you
you make me want to scream
but without you i'd have no clue

you make me angry
and you make me smile
i cant stand you
but i want to be with you for a while

i cant explain it
you make me sick
your like a bad habit
that i cant just quit

you destroy me
but you make me strong
i love you
even if it is wrong

Saturday, April 24

i love you

you look me in the eyes
you take my breathe away
you make me speechless
and i don't know what else to say

you give my butterflies all the time
and make me feel like i'm flying
and when i'm sad you make me smile
without even trying

you make me feel like a little kid again
like nothing in the world could ever go wrong
you keep a smile on my face
and you keep it there all day long

you smile makes me melt inside
and it makes me smile too
i love holding your hand
and i love being with you

i'd be so lost without you
without you i'd have no clue
and thats what i never hesitate to say
i love you<3