Sunday, February 22

the journey we call life

so, here's her story...her name is allison anne cattell, and she's not too fond of her name. She lives in a small town just across the water from philadephia. her passion is in the art, but she's not tlented at those things. she does not like to brag but, she's rather good at most sports. alli dislikes being called names, even if its just jokingly. she's one tough cookie and has a hard time finding her sensitive side, but she's far from heartless. she really thinks all animals are very cute, and she's got a thing for camels. so, she doesn't get the best grades, but she manages, though she's not dumb and could do better if she pleased. at first glance alli might seem really quiet and shy, and she is until you get to know her. after all that, she pretty much always speaks her mind freely aboutt whatever she is thinking. people laugh at her jokes but quite frankly i don't think she's too funny. she believes in treating people how they treat her, and its badly she usually just trys ignoring them. for the most part she believes actions speak louder than words, but honestly, give this girl a pen and some paper and she could better express to you any emotion she has and more clearly than actions would. alli has a flair for writing, and the imagination and creativity to go with it. if she sets her mind on something there's really no point of trying to get in her way, she'll do whatever it takes if she feels strongly enough about it. she has a lot of drive but is only motivated by certain things. she doesn't get much freedom from her parents and there tons of things she'd like to experience. she's a bit different from the status quo but she likes it better that way, yet she doesn't strive to be different either. alli is a very open minded little lady and she likes learning about new things, mainly things that she's not used to but appeal to her anyway. she thinks that everyone is entitled to an opinion as long as they have reson to back it up. she doesn't like when people don't think at all before they speak or speak like they have to brain to begin with. she does not approve of ignorant people or people who try to impress others by acting like they know everthing about everything. alli loves taking walks just to think, she loves winter trees with no leaves against the cold winter sky. she loves going to the river and just memorizing every detail of it. there is so much she would love to explore and so much she wants to do, all in all she's just a curious person trying to find the meaning of her presence on a wonderful journey we call life.

-allison cattell


  1. Very deep Alli, very deep.
    dude, you are a warrior poet.
    ahahah i love you.
    tomorrow i'm making my blog dedicated to you know who.


  2. i agree with emily, you indeed are a warrior poet